Philip Manser

Application Development Manager |


As a developer I am proficient in modern web application development utilizing Javascript, CSS and HTML to create a usable interface. With experience I’ve developed a pragmatic approach to implementing business logic on the server side with PHP, Python, Ruby and other languages. I’ve learned to store application data in standard sql databases such as Postgresql, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle. I rely upon current version control systems like Subversion, Git and Mercurial to help me collaborate with my fellow developers and designers effectively. And finally I like to look at the bigger picture of quality and efficiency by applying Automated Unit Testing and Agile Development to each project I work on.

As a development manager my goal has always been to eliminate unnecessary distractions from developers and help them to focus on building reliable, scalable systems. I’ve found that the best way to do this is by empowering the team to work together to develop the best solution. Using my past experience as a developer I help guide the decisions made and help the team adopt new technologies for future growth.


Application Development Manager
North American Bancard - Troy, MI

  • Chosen to be part of a special leadership course which then lead to the opportunity to become a development manager.
  • Managed a team of 10 developers of varying skill sets.
  • Overseen more than 216 releases of more than 20 applications.
  • Added new tools and procedures to the team's development cycle. The tools, procedures and lessons learned are now being applied to the rest of the development group.
  • In addition to overseeing application development and release I have acted as both a project manager and business analyst due to shortages in those areas.
  • Heavily involved in an aggressive IT hiring spree. I developed a tool to help track candidates and interviews along with new procedures that helped everyone keep up with the influx.

Skills & Tools Used: Jira, Confluence, Crucible, Stash, Bamboo, PHP, GIT, SVN, Python, Apache, HTML, Javascript and Postgresql.


Web Application Developer
North American Bancard - Troy, MI

  • Improved communication and collaboration by introducing Redmine, a project management application, into our development routine which has helped documentation and quality control.
  • Created a file import management suite to organize our many data imports and bring early warning of failures to IT’s attention.
  • Helped to migrate application deployment to a consistent, subversion based system.
  • Helped to train coworkers on using development tools like subversion, netbeans, xdebug, and webgrind.
  • Deployed and managed a Jenkins continuous integration server to ensure code quality. Trained coworkers on automated unit and integration testing.
  • Completed iPhone/iPad app development course provided by Big Nerd Ranch.

Skills & Tools Used: PHP, GIT, SVN, Python, Ruby, Postgresql, Mysql, MS SQL, Apache, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Drupal.

JULY 2009 - JANUARY 2012

Web Application Developer
Active Media Architects - St. Clair Shores, MI

Duties included but were not limited to the following: Setup and administration of company and client servers. Designing, implementing, maintaining, and optimizing applications fashioned to meet specific client needs and desires. Collaboration with project managers, sales teams, and designers on a daily basis to help deliver projects on time and on budget. Providing technical leadership to junior developers helping them learn solid scripting skills, good application design, and securing systems.

  • Played key role in developing, launching, and enhancing over twenty distinct projects.
  • Routinely maintain and optimize aging databases.
  • Optimized an old database enabling the server to handle two to three times the original traffic.
  • Optimized another old database allowing the server to respond in under a second instead of the 10-12 seconds it was originally using.
  • Ported a maintenance script from PEAR_DB to MySQLi reducing execution time 80% and also saving valuable data.
  • Seamlessly merged several third party systems into a client project.
  • Instituted source control to track modifications to the third party systems and ease maintainability across all the client's servers.
  • Maintained and optimized live chat suite which is a custom built in-browser chat application used by thousands of people.
  • Managed upgrades that minimize operating costs and improve functionality.
  • Contributed core components to company framework to help focus development, reduce repetition, and streamline repairs.
  • Migrated systems and merged data while cleaning up the systems made by other developers.
  • Managed and utilized client and company projects through Subversion (SVN) and GIT.

Skills & Tools Used: PHP, GIT, SVN, Python, Mysql, Apache, HTML and Javascript

2007 - 2009

Web Application Developer
Trademark Productions - Royal Oak, MI

Met and dealt with clients directly translating what they wanted into reality. Worked within a collaborative environment designing and developing custom applications. Engineered customized features and modules for new applications; devised enhancements and updates for existing application suites.

  • As a front end developer, wrote complaint xHTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • As an application developer, scoped and developed custom applications in PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed administration system which was reused for many projects saving valuable company time and resources.
  • As a client liaison, translated what they wanted into reality and explained what technologies we used and how it helped them.
  • Developed a system for a local wine distributer to connect consumers, suppliers, and retailers with the company and their products.
  • Designed, developed and optimized a site which connected patients with deals on prescription medicine that grew to 11,000 members.

Skills & Tools Used: PHP, Mysql, Apache, HTML, CSS and Javascript

2006 - 2007